The NPA Executive is normally elected each year in November. However, a by-election is being held to fill the following positions:

  • Senior Vice-President (currently vacant)
  • Executive member (one additional position).

The positions will be elected by the NPA State Council at its next meeting on 3 March 2018. The term of both positions is until November 2018. Successful candidates are eligible for re-election.

Your role as an Executive member

All Executive positions are entirely voluntary. The Executive manages the affairs of NPA subject to policies, decisions and directions of the State Council. As an Executive member, you will be directly responsible for overseeing the financial and operational affairs of NPA, implementing the strategic plan and achieving its objects.

Duties of Executive members

These include:

  1. To regularly attend and contribute to Executive and State Council meetings.
  2. To keep abreast of NPA affairs.
  3. To review strategy by constructive planning, questioning and suggestion.
  4. To perform and maintain familiarity with relevant legal duties.
  5. To apply basic financial and accounting literacy.
  6. To apply any special skills that you bring to the position.
  7. To apply good interpersonal skills, including to work as a group, to communicate personal points of view, and to listen to and respect other points of view.

Additional duties: Senior Vice President

The Senior Vice President assists the President where required, including

  • to chair general meetings, State Council meetings and Executive meetings,
  • to supervise the Chief Executive Officer,
  • to represent the Association at public occasions and important meetings,
  • to review significant media or other public statements,
  • to oversee preparation of the Annual Report,
  • to deal with urgent matters,
  • to regularly report on the current state of the Association.

Essential requirements

  1. You must be a current financial member of NPA.
  2. Your nomination must be supported by at least one other current financial member.

Desirable qualities

  1. A good working knowledge of the Association, its objects and activities through previous involvement in a branch committee, the State Council or any other voluntary involvement.
  2. Suitable skills or experience, such as:
  • environmental policy, planning or law
  • natural sciences / natural resource management
  • advocacy or campaign experience
  • Federal, State or local government
  • business, finance or accounting
  • fundraising or marketing
  • other relevant fields.

Attendance at Executive meetings

The Executive meets approximately every 6 weeks between February and early December, generally on Thursday evenings in Sydney. Telephone attendance is permitted if unable or impracticable to attend in person. Between meetings, interaction occurs through various committees and by email.

Attendance at State Council meetings

State Council meetings are held 3 times per year on weekends at various locations across NSW. A policy applies for reimbursement of travel and accommodation expenses.

Nomination process

  1. Download the nomination form below.
  2. Complete all required fields.
  3. Send the nomination form to the Returning Officer by any of the specified methods.
  4. Your nomination must be received by4 pm on Wednesday 14 February 2018.


For further information about the positions, please contact Anne Dickson, Ian Donovan or Brian Everingham.