In response to questions in Budget Estimates concerning the Murray Valley National Park, the NSW Environment Minister, Gabrielle Upton, reiterated her Government’s opposition to commercial logging in national parks. This aligned with recent quotes in the Sydney Morning Herald where she said there were ‘no plans’ to degazette the Murray Valley National Park.

NPA welcomes this commitment and calls on Minister Upton to go further and reiterate her Government’s opposition to ‘tenure swaps’ to bolster dwindling timber supplies.

“We’re glad that the Government is sticking to its guns and ruling out commercial logging in national parks,” said NPA CEO, Alix Goodwin.

The Government first took this stance in response to the recommendations from the 2012 Public Lands Inquiry.

“On that occasion, the Government also ruled out ‘tenure swaps’ where national parks would again become State forests to allow timber extraction.

“Statements by the Nationals candidate for the seat of Murray, Austin Evans, calling for de-gazettement of the Murray Valley National Park, have raised the spectre of tenure swaps again.

“We’re calling on Minister Upton to reiterate the Government’s opposition to tenure swaps, to close any potential loopholes for logging national parks.

“With the 50th birthday weekend of the National Parks and Wildlife Service just passed, there is also an opportunity for the Government to renew and act on its commitment to building the National Parks network to protect the natural heritage of future generations.”

Only 9 new national parks have been established by the Government since 2011.


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Oisín Sweeney 0431 251 194

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