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NPA welcomes Koala-ity Nature Reserve in the Southern Highlands

The National Parks Association of NSW (NPA) welcomes an addition to our reserve system: a 402ha nature reserve on the bank of the Wollondilly River in Canyonleigh. This new reserve is strategically placed between Blue Mountains and Morton National Parks.

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Blairmount is Buzzing for Pollinator Week

Students at Blairmount Public School kicked off pollinator week a bit early with the ‘Bringing back the buzz to the Cumberland Plain Woodland’ project. Pollinator week, 12-19th November, is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate our native bees and contribute to their conservation.

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Australia trumps science to become first nation to cut ocean protection

Australia will trump even Donald Trump and become the first nation to cut protections of its ocean estate if it implements plans, released today, to expose vulnerable areas of the marine environment to industrial fishing exploitation, a national alliance of environment groups said.

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Bringing Back the Buzz to Glenfield

Thirty people helped us Bring the buzz back to the Cumberland Plain Woodland at Atlantic Boulevard Reserve in Glenfield. We planted 400 plants which will become vital resources for local pollinators. All species that we planted were native to the Cumberland Plain Woodland.

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Landholders ask: “Who’s living on my land?”

Landholders along the Illawarra Escarpment have an opportunity participate in a wildlife survey to find out ‘Who’s living on my land?’. Landholders participating in the Who’s living on my land? survey will get a chance to learn how to use and borrow an infrared camera to survey their property for native and pest animals.

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Spring Farm Families Plant 500 Trees for their Mums

Emma Reynolds plants a tree in honour of her mum, Bernadette Mackinnon

After treating their mum to a lovely breakfast in bed, local families helped plant 500 trees in Spring Farm bushland corridor on Mothers’ Day.

“Planting a tree for mum is one of the most beautiful presents a family can give,” says Margot Law, Citizen Science Officer at the National Parks Association of NSW. “It’s a lovely tribute for the strength, support and love of mums and a gift that plays a vital role in restoring the ecosystem.”