Australian Bushfire Crisis

The catastrophic bushfires that continue to rage across NSW and Australia have caused wide-spread damage to towns, communities, national parks and natural environments, and resulted in extensive loss of native species.

As of 10 January 2020, the fires in NSW had burnt 5.128 million hectares (6.4% of the state), including 2.539 million hectares in national parks (34.5% of the state’s national park estate). It is estimated that over 1 billion native animals have perished in bushfires across the country and entire ecosystems have been destroyed.

We are currently looking at ways to assist in the recovery of impacted parks, communities and native species.  Please fill out an expression of interest form to get involved and find out more about our potential upcoming projects.

It’s unfortunate that the unprecedented fires and loss of native species has been equally matched by an unprecedented attacks on biodiversity, conservation and national parks by some politicians and elements of the media.

NPA is developing advocacy strategies to counter misinformation that has spread about the bushfires and bushfire management, and to make sure nature and our national parks are not subjected to further degradation through poor policy.

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