Protecting Our Oceans: why, how, what we can do

Sat 7 April 2018 |1.30pm| Ulladulla Civic Centre, Princes Hwy, Ulladulla

Guest Lecturer: John Turnbull  

Marine ecologist and social researcher, University of New South Wales.

Creator of

This year’s NPA Milton Public Lecture addresses the land under the sea – the home of our marine food basket, our environmental coolant and fast becoming our unconscious rubbish tip.

Heading the lecture is John Turnbull, President of the Underwater Research Group of NSW and past President and Executive member of NPA NSW.

John says: “Our oceans are arguably the most important part of earth’s biosphere – they modulate climate, store carbon, generate oxygen and provide the moisture that is essential to life. Yet they are often out of sight, out of mind.

Few people ever see more than a few metres below the surface, which represents less than one thousandth of the oceans’ average depth.”

This will be a talk for anyone who loves the ocean, whether they swim, surf, snorkel, dive or fish in it, or just enjoy being beside it. We should all be concerned to protect it for future generations and this will be an opportunity to discover what can be done by groups and individuals.

Aided by his superb underwater videos he will explore the boundaries that define our oceans, the life within and how our current relationship with it is slowly killing it.  Many factors are threatening our oceans and reefs, including plastic pollution, debris, inappropriate coastal development, over-fishing, fertiliser run-off, ocean warming, and insufficiently resourced marine protection areas.

On the plus side he will provide an insight in to what we can do about it, supporting our children and children’s children by changing our current course of behaviour. For this reason, school groups, community action groups parents and grandparents are particularly invited to come. Let us know you are interested by connecting at our Facebook Event.

John will also be supported with a panel of local experts who are actively involved in protecting the ocean in our own coastal towns.  They include:

Matt Carr, Manager of Jervis Bay Marine Park (JBMP)
Matt will provide information about the daily programs in marine parks and how stakeholder groups such as the NPA and its members can contribute to marine parks in the future.  Matt says “From early childhood, my life has been spent on, in or under the water. After a few false starts at various careers I decided to follow my passion and aim for a job working in marine protected areas, where I could spend my working days on the ocean.

He eventually escaped desk-bound policy jobs to become firstly Senior Planner at the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, then Manager of JBMP. Matt will provide information about the daily programs in marine parks and how stakeholder groups such as the NPA and its members can contribute to marine parks in the future.

Bill Barker, President of the Nature Coast Marine Group
This is a community organisation based in the Eurobodalla that works for the protection, understanding and enjoyment of the marine environment. Bill is a scuba diver and snorkeller.

Much of his diving has involved identifying, quantifying and photographing marine life as part of marine surveys. He is a member of the Batemans Marine Park Advisory Committee and the Eurobodalla Council’s Coastal and Environmental Management Advisory Committee. He is also interested in the relevance of environmental philosophy to marine issues.  

Bill says “The Nature Coast Marine Group undertakes research and engages in advocacy and consultation with government. It organises activities such as snorkelling and rock shelf walks and assists with public information and school programs. It works from the principle that people need to have positive interactions with the marine environment if they are going to protect it. Our south coast waters have much that is of value but at the same time there are many challenges. NCMG is engaged in trying to ensure that the state government’s ‘marine estate’ reform program results in positive outcomes for the environment. We have been particularly concerned about the problem of urchin barrens – the ‘hidden deserts’ that comprise half our rocky reefs.

Monica Mudge, Take 3 For The Sea South Coast Guardian
Monica is actively involved in getting young people, particularly surfers, involved in the Take 3 (pieces of plastic every time you visit the sea) program.

Protecting Our Oceans

Why, how, what we can do

Members of the public are welcome to come along to hear John Turnbull and to take part in a post-lecture Q & A session including our local panel and also members of the National Parks Association Executive. Admission is free.

A gold coin donation would be appreciated to help us cover the cost of hall hire and afternoon tea.

Date: Saturday 7 April 2018

Time: 1.30pm for 2.00pm start

Where: Ulladulla Civic Centre, Princes Hwy, Ulladulla

Barry Tomkinson, Convener, Milton National Parks Association –