Make a submission to the NSW Inquiry into Koala Populations and Habitats today!

This is your chance to tell the NSW government what must be done to save koalas. The Inquiry is receiving submissions until August 2, and you must submit through a web portal here.

What should you do?

Doing a submission in your own words that clearly addresses one or more of the Terms of Reference is the best approach. If you have a case study of koalas disappearing – or of successful conservation efforts – that’s really useful information. If you’re really short on time, we’ve developed a short letter that you can download, sign and submit.


NPA believes that a key step to protecting koalas (like all species) is protecting their habitat. In particular we must:

  1. Create the Great Koala National Park and implement other NPA reserve proposals presented to the Committee to protect koalas in north-east NSW—a region that will become more and more important as weather extremes make western areas less hospitable.
  2. Create a new national park in south-west Sydney to ensure rapid development does not come at the cost of koalas.
  3. Protect ‘koala hubs’ (areas identified by the Office of Environment and Heritage as particularly important for koalas) immediately on all land tenures.
  4. Identify and protect koala climate refugia as a matter of urgency.
  5. End industrialised logging on public land that destroys habitat quality for koalas and ensure Private Native Forestry is genuinely low-impact and selective.
  6. Protect known koala habitat from land clearing by identifying it as Category 2-sensitive land or Areas of Outstanding Biodiversity Value, and urgently require local governments to complete the mapping of koala habitat for holistic protection.
  7. Strengthen SEPP 44 (koala habitat protection) to ensure koala habitat is not destroyed by urban development.

If we can take these steps, koalas stand a chance of persisting for the long term in NSW. If we don’t we’ll oversee koala deaths and dwindling populations. Make a submission today!

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