National Parks Association of NSW (NPA) has been established as a conservation organisation for 60 years. We also run one of Australia’s largest bushwalking clubs with a network of 16 branches, hundreds of active volunteers and over 40,000 supporters.

NPA has played a role in the establishment of many of NSW’s national parks and nature reserves. Today there are 877 protected areas covering 7 million hectares on the land (9% of the State) and 66,000 ha of marine waters (6.5% of the coast), far exceeding the goals of our founders. NSW is one of the most environmentally diverse areas on earth and we work hard to ensure it remains this way.

Our Work

NPA runs citizen science and community engagement programs, conservation campaigns and Australia’s largest bushwalking program. We also produce nature and conservation publications, including our flagship magazine Nature NSW. If you would like to find out more about NPA read our FAQ page or find out more about our goals, our structure and our history.


Connecting people with nature is one of the most effective means of changing people’s perception and enthusiasm for the environment. Our citizen science and community engagement initiatives provide an ideal chance for people to get involved directly in conservation and gain a greater understanding and respect for it.