NPA partners with many other conservation organisations to protect nature across NSW and Australia.

Environmental Liaison Office

The Environment Liaison Office (ELO) provides a link to NSW Parliament for hundreds of community groups across NSW. It aims to ensure that the shared concerns and priorities of environment groups are communicated consistently to Government, and provides a mechanism for the views of Government to be communicated to and considered by NSW environment groups. NPA is one of a number of core organisations that participate in regular ELO meetings and joint projects.

Stand Up For Nature Alliance

Stand Up For Nature is an alliance of conservation groups dedicated to improving protection for nature in NSW. The alliance formed in response to the Baird government watering down protection for nature in NSW by removing checks on land clearing. Member groups include:


We are committed to protecting nature in NSW and are actively encouraging the NSW government to do what is necessary to stop wildlife extinctions and loss of our bushland.

 Better Planning Network

The Better Planning Network (BPN) is a volunteer-based organisation founded by community groups concerned about the NSW Government’s planning reforms.

National Parks Australia Council

Many other Australian states also have National Parks Associations. NPA NSW works closely with these Associations on matters of common interest, and is a member of the overarching National Parks Australia Council (NPAC)